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iPAY Online Bill Pay

iPAY Online Bill Pay

With FCB’s Free iPAY Online Bill Pay, you can quickly and easily pay bills, review payment history and pending bill payments, and receive electronic bills through the internet.

To Sign Up:

  1. First, be an Online Banking user. You can easily start using our Online Banking service by taking the steps listed here
  2. Log into your Online Banking access
  3. Click the tab labeled “Messages”
  4. Click on “Choose a form to submit”
  5. Choose “Bill Pay Enrollment Form”
  6. Complete our requested information and click “Submit”
  7. The Bill Pay tab will typically be available the following business day

Once this is complete, you are ready to add your Payee vendors and pay bills.

To Add a Payee:

  1. Click on “Move Money” in your left-hand column
  2. Next to “MY PAYEES” – Click on the plus (+) sign.
  3. Click on “Add a Company or Person” button
  4. Use the options available to add your credit card company, cell phone provider, a friend, etc.

To Pay a Bill:

  1. Click on “Move Money” in your left-hand column
  2. Locate and click on your Payee in the list on right-hand side (see steps above for adding those)
  3. Click on “Send Payment”
  4. Enter payment amount and date in the appropriate boxes
  5. Click on “Continue” button at the bottom
  6. Review details, and if accurate – click on “Submit”


For complete instructions, click here.